Information & Communication Technology

  • AFCOM, Northern California Chapter

    AFCOM provides data center professionals with unique networking opportunities and educational forums and resources. Local chapter members build relationships with peers and learn from industry experts.
  • AFCOM, Southern California chapter

    AFCOM provides data center professionals with unique networking opportunities and educational forums and resources. Local chapter members build relationships with peers and learn from industry experts.
  • AIESEC – International Economic and Commercial Sciences Students Association

    AIESEC (pronounced "aie-sek"), is a global youth organization that develops leadership capabilities through their internal leadership programmes and engaging students and graduates in international student exchange and internship programs for profit and non-profit organizations.
  • Aircraft Electronics Association

    Founded in 1957, the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) represents more than 1,300 aviation businesses, including repair stations that specialize in maintenance, repair and installation of avionics and electronic systems in general aviation aircraft. AEA membership also includes instruments facilities, manufacturers of avionics equipment, instrument manufacturers, airframe manufacturers, test equipment manufacturers, major distributors, and educational institutions.
  • American Academy of Arts & Sciences

    American Academy of Arts and Sciences has been active for over 230 years; it's purpose is to provide a forum for a select group of scholars, members of the learned professions, and government and business leaders to work together on behalf of the democratic interests of the republic.
  • American Academy of Forensic Sciences

    For 63 years, the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) has served a distinguished and diverse membership. Its 6,260 members are divided into eleven sections spanning the forensic enterprise. Included among the Academy's members are physicians, attorneys, dentists, toxicologists, physical anthropologists, document examiners, digital evidence experts, psychiatrists, physicists, engineers, criminalists, educators, digital evidence experts, and others.
  • American Association for Artificial Intelligence

    The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) is a nonprofit scientific society devoted to advancing the scientific understanding of the mechanisms underlying thought and intelligent behavior and their embodiment in machines.
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science

    The American Association for the Advancement of Science, (AAAS), is an international non-profit organization dedicated to advancing science around the world by serving as an educator, leader, spokesperson and professional association.
  • American Association for Technology in Psychiatry

    The American Association for Technology in Psychiatry (AATP), a nonprofit membership organization of physicians and mental health professionals dedicated to the development and use of information technology to improve the quality and availability of psychiatric and mental health care.
  • American College of Healthcare Information Administrators

    The American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA) aspires to be the leading force in promoting excellence in leadership among long-term care administrators. Founded in 1962, ACHCA is a non-profit professional membership association which provides superior educational programming, professional certification, and career development opportunities for its members.
  • American Society for Information Science and Technology

    A professional association for information professionals from a variety of disciplines including computer science, linguistics, engineering, law, medicine, chemistry, education and management
  • American Society for Information Science and Technology, Los Angeles Chapter

    Leading the search for new theories, techniques, and technologies to improve access to information, the LACASIS&T aims to bring programming and provide support to ASIS&T members in the Southern California and Pacific regions.
  • American Society for Testing and Materials

    ASTM International provides technical standards to industry worldwide. As a standards development body, they seek to be the foremost developer and provider of voluntary consensus standards, related technical information, and services having globally recognized quality and applicability that promote public health and safety, the environment, and the overall quality of life contribute to the reliability of materials, products, systems and services; and facilitate international, regional, and national commerce.
  • American Statistical Association

    The American Statistical Association (ASA) is the world’s largest community of statisticians. Our members serve in industry, government, and academia in more than 90 countries, advancing research and promoting sound statistical practice to inform public policy and improve human welfare.
  • American Transcription Association

    The American Transcription Association (ATA) formed in 2008 as a way to help U.S. transcriptionists and transcription companies meet the challenges of a changing industry. We support our members by providing standards and guidelines for best practices, promoting the need for U.S.-only transcription services, and providing member discounts to a number of vendors.
  • Antenna Measurement Techniques Association

    The Antenna Measurement Techniques Association (AMTA) was formed in 1979, and incorporated in the state of Georgia, USA on March 10, 1989 as a non-profit professional organization open to individuals with an interest in antenna measurements.

    AFCOM is an association for data center industry professionals with over 4,000 members nationwide, including any and all professionals related to data center management and operations, including data center managers, operations managers, MIS directors, CIOs, CTOs and other IS/IT professionals, as well as students of computer science.
  • Association for Computing Machinery

    For developers and users of information technology, this association advances computing as a science and profession.
  • Association for Computing Machinery, Los Angeles

    ACM, the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society, delivers resources that advance computing as a science and a profession. Special interest groups include graphic arts.
  • Association for Computing Machinery, Los Angeles, Computer Graphics Interest Group

    L.A. SIGGRAPH is a Professional Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group in Computer Graphics, serving the Los Angeles area. Organized and operating exclusively for educational and scientific purposes relating to the field of computer graphics.
  • Association for Computing Machinery, San Diego, Computer Graphics Interest Group

    Local chapter of ACM promoting an increased knowledge of and greater interest in the educational, artistic, and scientific aspects and applications of modern computing in computer graphics within the San Diego area.
  • Association for Educational Communications and Technology

    The Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) is a professional association of thousands of educators and others whose activities are directed toward improving instruction through technology.
  • Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity

    The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), formerly the American Association for Medical Transcription, is the world’s largest professional society representing the clinical documentation sector whose purpose is to set and uphold standards for education and practice in the field of health data capture and documentation that ensure the highest level of accuracy, privacy, and security for the U.S. healthcare system in order to protect public health, increase patient safety, and improve quality of care for healthcare consumers. AHDI works to advocate for workforce development and credentialing in allied health and the critical role of the technology-enabled documentation knowledge worker in the electronic health record (EHR).
  • Association for Information Management Professionals

    Established in 1955, the Association for Information Management Professionals (ARMA) International is a not-for-profit professional association and the authority on managing records and information – paper and electronic. Its approximately 10,000 members include records managers, archivists, corporate librarians, imaging specialists, legal professionals, IT managers, consultants, and educators, all of whom work in a wide variety of industries, including government, legal, healthcare, financial services, and petroleum in the United States, Canada, and 30-plus other countries.
  • Association for Information Systems

    The Association for Information Systems (AIS) serves society through the advancement of knowledge and the promotion of excellence in the practice and study of information systems. AIS is the premier professional association for individuals and organizations who lead the research, teaching, practice, and study of information systems worldwide.