Education, Child Care & Family Services

  • Association for Play Therapy

    The Association for Play Therapy is a national professional society established in 1982. It promotes the value of play, play therapy, and credentialed play therapists by advancing the psychosocial development and mental health of all people and sponsoring and supporting those programs, services, and related activities
  • Association for Prevention Teaching and Research

    Student Memberships, Professional Development, Resources, Publications, Symposiums, Fellowships, Internships
  • Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action

    Founded in 1971, the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) is the U.S.-based, national and international association that connects scholars, teachers, and practice leaders interested in research on nonprofit organizations, voluntary action, philanthropy and civil society.
  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

    Founded in 1943, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) is and educational leadership organization dedicated to advancing best practices and policies for the success of each learner.
  • Association for Symbolic Logic

    Founded in 1936, the Association for Symbolic Logic is an international organization supporting research and critical studies in logic. Its primary function is to provide an effective forum for the presentation, publication, and critical discussion of scholarly work in this area of inquiry.
  • Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education

    The Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), founded in 1981, is an international, not-for-profit, educational organization with the mission of advancing Information Technology in Education and E-Learning research, development, learning, and its practical application.
  • Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians

    Internationally renowned for unparalleled contributions to modern music, the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, Inc. (AACM) has been an inspirational leader within the cultural community since 1965. A non-profit organization chartered by the State of Illinois , the AACM is a collective of musicians and composers dedicated to nurturing, performing, and recording serious, original music. One mission of the AACM has been to provide an atmosphere conducive to the development of its member artists and to continue the AACM legacy of providing leadership and vision for the development of creative music.
  • Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography

    For more than 50 years, ASLO has been a leading professional organization for researchers and educators in the field of aquatic science.
  • Association for the Study of Literature and Environment

    The Association for the Study of Literature & Environment (ASLE) is the country's premier membership organization in the field of literature and environment. ASLE has an active membership composed of educators, students, scientists and independent scholars. We currently have approximately 1300 members, including international members from 30 countries.
  • Association of Applied and Clinical Sociology

    The mission of the Association of Applied and Clinical Sociology is to promote the applicaiton of sociological knowledge for beneficial social change through scholarly, educational, programmatic, community and policy activities. Providing a common meeting ground for individuals interested in sociological knowledge, the association also works to advance theory, research, methods and training that promote the sociological knowledge for benefical social change.
  • Association of California School Administrators (ACSA)

    Established in 1971, the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) is s the largest umbrella organization for school leaders in the nation, serving more than 14,500 school leaders. The mission of the Association of California School Administrators, the driving force of education in California and beyond, is to ensure the creation of communities of learning and teaching that serve both the aspirations of individual students and the greater good of society.
  • Association of College and Research Libraries

    The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), a division of the American Library Association (ALA), is a professional association of academic librarians and other interested individuals. It is dedicated to enhancing the ability of academic library and information professionals to serve the information needs of the higher education community and to improving learning, teaching, and research.
  • Association of Community and Continuing Education

    The mission of the Association of Community and Continuing Education (ACCE) is to develop and promote desirable policies, practices, and support for the educational constituencies within the Association and to promote professional growth of the membership as well as to contribute to the professionalism of community service.
  • Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors

    The Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (AEESP) is made up of professors in academic programs throughout the world who provide education in the sciences and technologies of environmental protection.
  • Association of International Educators

    Founded in 1948, the Association of International Educators (formerly known as the National Association for Foreign Student Affairs (NAFSA)) has come to include foreign student advisors, admission personnel, English-language specialists and community volunteers who play an important role in helping foreign students acclimate to U.S. college communities. NAFSA's members share a belief that international education advances learning and scholarship, and enhances constructive leadership in the global community.
  • Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs

    The Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs is a national resource, partner and advocate for state public health leaders and others working to improve the health of women, children, youth and families, including those with special health care needs.
  • Association of University Technology Managers

    The core purpose of the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) is to support and advance academic technology transfer globally.
  • Association of Women in Psychology

    Association for Women in Psychology (AWP) is a not-for-profit scientific and educational organization committed to encouraging feminist psychological research, theory, and activism.
  • Attention Deficit Disorder Resources

    Founded in 1993, Attention Deficit Disorder Resources (ADD Resources) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization run mostly by adult volunteers with ADHD. We are dedicated to supporting, educating and serving as a resource for people with ADHD
  • Autism Society

    The Autism Society, the nation’s leading grassroots autism organization, exists to improve the lives of all affected by autism. We do this by increasing public awareness about the day-to-day issues faced by people on the spectrum, advocating for appropriate services for individuals across the lifespan, and providing the latest information regarding treatment, education, research and advocacy.
  • Broadcast Education Association

    The Broadcast Education Association (BEA) is the professional association for professors, industry professionals and students who are interested in teaching and research related to electronic media and multimedia enterprises. Established in 1955, The Association provides a forum for current scholarly research and analysis in all aspects of the electronic media. These areas include regulation, economics, policy, management, news, aesthetics, social effects, production and criticism, among possible others.
  • California Adult Education Administrators’ Association

    The California Adult Education Administrators' Association is a statewide organization open to administrators or management personnel who work in, or support, adult education programs. The purpose of the organization is to support and promote public school adult education offered through unified and union high school districts. The association sponsors activities that promote excellence and innovation in the administration of adult education programs and maintains regular communication concerning adult education issues with administrators of the state's adult education programs.
  • California Agricultural Education Association

    The purpose of the California Agricultural Education Association is to Increase the competence of future and current high, middle grades, and ROC/P agricultural education instructors in developing and implementing a new integrated curriculum, student and program certification systems, technical preparation strategies, and effective instructional methodologies. Promote the development and use of curriculum, instructional materials, and instructional strategies that prepare students in all aspects of the agricultural industry and foster critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, and academic and technical skill attainment. Increase linkages between secondary and post-secondary institutions offering agricultural education programs; academic and agricultural educators; and among agricultural educators, the agricultural industry, professional associations, and local communities.
  • California Agricultural Teachers’ Association

    Founded in 1920, the California Agriculture Teachers' Association main purpose is to promote and improve the teaching of agriculture in California.
  • California Art Education Association

    The California Art Education Association is the professional educational organization for pre-K through university educators working in all areas of the visual arts, such as drawing, painting, digital media, weaving and fabrics, ceramics, glass, sculpture, and mixed media. This organization, formed in 1965, helps and supports educators by anchoring the elements and principles of design in meaningful instruction and promoting the alignment of the approved state content standards for visual art and the national visual art standards.